Oil Change

Aggiunta olio motore

Oil changes should be done every 3,000 miles or every 3 months. One reason for an oil change is that after driving for so many miles, your oil gets dirty and builds up gunk in the oil filter. Contrary to popular belief, you cannot really tell if oil is dirty or not by looking at it, so it is better to get the oil changed frequently. When the oil is not changed, it builds up like gel and gets dirty causing the engine to fail eventually.

An oil change is just basically draining the old oil out, replacing the old oil filter, and then putting new oil into the car. Doing an oil change by yourself can be quite messy. One, you have to consider a place where to recycle the old oil. Two, if you have never done an oil change before, make sure you read up on everything you need and how to do it properly. At Autolex, let the experienced and knowledgeable technicians handle all your oil change and maintenance needs.